you are loved, you are worth it

Do you ever feel like you want to cry but you cant distinguish why? do you ever feel sad without knowing why? Do you ever feel so tired physically and you want to cry it all out? there are times that you will just break down right? There are times that you can smile but youre dying inside. There are times that even small things and words can hurt you, there are times that you are so sensitive but dont worry cause that pain is just an evidence that youre not numb, that you can still feel something and thats good.

I’m not depressed just tired, i’m not suicidal but sometimes there are reasons to but always remember that everything will be alright maybe not today but someday. Just always pray, have faith and love yourself. I’m happy nowadays. Just wanna give thanks to the people who’s always there for me. Live your life to the fullest, prove them wrong! Cry but do not surrender. There are really times that you are so down but dont worry it will pass. I just want to say that you are loved and you are worth it!!! Keep fighting!!

those photos are mine, hearts with messages. See? We are loved!! I love u❀


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